7 Kitchen Trends for 2021, According to Designers

7 Kitchen Trends for 2021, According to Designers

2021 is almost here, and with the new year comes a fresh assortment of kitchen design ideas to stir your imagination. “Instead of changing in drastic ways every year, kitchen trends tend to evolve over time,” says designer Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design. “However, there are two things that are always in style: plenty of function and storage.”
Curious what kitchen trends will reign supreme in 2021? From bold backsplashes to colored concrete countertops and more, here’s what interior designers say will set the bar in stylish cookspaces next year. Via Apartment Therapy
Credit: Kelly Balch

Colored Stone Countertops

While stone countertops have long been a stylish and durable choice for the kitchen, designer Gabrielle Santiago of Gabrielle Santiago Design says they’re also an opportunity to get creative. “The next year will bring colored stone that seamlessly transitions from the backsplash to the countertop,” she says. “It is a fabulous way to give your kitchen a little glamour without overdoing it. Swap out that classic marble for a colored stone that speaks to you! There are so many colors to choose from.”
You don’t have to go super bold either if you don’t want to. A creamy beige travertine or other type of stone can add extra warmth to a design scheme than, say, something that’s classic white and gray. Pink is another color that’s going to be popping in countertops, too. It’s up to you how colorful—or neutral—you want to go with your hue selections.
Credit: Tony George

Timeless All-White Kitchens

As we continue to hunker down at home in 2021, designer Elizabeth Cooper of Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design says traditional all-white kitchens will still remain popular. “Some kitchen trends last a long time for a reason,” she explains. “I believe warm, cozy, all-white kitchens are going to be everywhere next year, bringing a reassuring and nostalgic feeling to the room that many people consider the heart of the home.”
Credit: Andrew Kung

Statement Backsplashes 

The walls of your kitchen are brimming with design potential; it just takes the right backsplash to set off your cookspace. “Instead of thinking of backsplashes as an expanse of wall that should be ‘neutral and safe’ so you won’t ‘get tired of it,’ I’m encouraging clients to choose backsplashes they love and resonate with in 2021,” says designer Isabel Ladd of Isabel Ladd Interiors. “That way, you’ll feel joy every time you look at it.” 
There are a slew of artful backsplash ideas you can pick from to design a unique statement feature. If you don’t have the budget to go all out on a bold new backsplash, consider removable peel-and-stick tiles to score a similar effect without breaking your bank account.
Credit: Ryan Garvin

Intimate Kitchen With Pops of Personality

The belief that a home should double as a sanctuary was more important than ever in 2020, which is why designer Breegan Jane says that creating a welcoming kitchen that you truly enjoy spending time in will be key in 2021. “We’ve learned that there’s beauty in functionality,” she explains. “Decor elements, such as houseplants, a short stack of books, and floating shelves can make a kitchen feel cohesive with the rest of the home and still provide a purpose.” 
Credit: Julie Soefer

Mixed Materials

The more time spent at home, designer Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors says the more people will want to get creative with colors, textures, and finishes in kitchens. “In 2021, I foresee homeowners and designers taking chances in the kitchen like never before,” she says. “Keep your eye out for saturated colors inspired by nature, cabinets clad in metal, and countertops with dramatic veining.”
To create an eclectic, layered kitchen without having to hire a contractor, look for sleek, space-savvy ways to show off your mixed metal kitchenwares in plain sight, such as hanging your pots from overhead hooks or installing a brass-plated wall sconce above your stove. 
Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Black Kitchens

Move over all-white kitchens; Murray says there’s a new monochrome trend in town giving classic white a run for its money: black. “My suspicion is that color and drama will start oozing more into kitchen design,” she explains. “We’ve seen the farmhouse style reign supreme over the last several years, and it’s time for glamour to make a comeback. Think Art Deco vibes, such as black-finished cabinets and floors, brass and gold accent hardware, and striking quartzite slab countertops.”
Credit: Heather Hawkins

Integrated Appliances

2020 taught many of us that space itself is a luxury. No surprise then that designer Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25 predicts integrated or hidden kitchen appliances will definitely become more popular in 2021. “We’re working on a few new construction and remodel projects where hidden appliances are a must-have in the kitchen,” she says. “They work seamlessly for an open floor plan and can also help a small kitchen look and feel more open.”
To create a uniform look in your kitchen sans the pricey integrated appliances, try painting all of your cabinets (and your island if you have one) the same color to create visual continuity and the illusion of more space. 

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