A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Whether shopping for loved ones, or looking to treat yourself this holiday season ('cause you deserve it!), the Parisi Group has rounded up some of our favorite gifts and picks of the year! Watch out Oprah, we're right on your heels... Stephen, Jessica & Alisa

Stephen's Picks

The Beast Blender

I knew long before Oprah! — and I use mine 3 times a week. Previously I was a Ninja owner and while that blender did wonders too….it was not as visually stunning. Get a Beast!

FERM Living Desert Lounge Chair

Hi style, low slung. In or out it’s fabulous. 

Hasegawa Ladder

If you’re in the mood to splurge on something you barely need…..then throw away your ugly step ladder and get one of these! I’m into the red….but I bought black myself and it’s still a sleek statement. 

AreaWare Dune Coasters

Fall back in love with your coffee table….just add these beautifully made clay coasters which are sure to impress. 

YIWO Gym Wear

Lululemon can take the day off (please!) try this retro California brand and get pumped. 

HAY Neon Tube Light

“The fastest and cheapest way to add some edge and modern lighting to your space!”

Puik Wine Glasses and Decanter

Fancy and casual.. whiskey or wine. These multi faceted and playful glasses will be your beverage go to. I’ve been stemless for 4 years and never going back. Stems have no place in my life. 

HEM Puffy Lounge Chair

“Make a statement — have an IG moment with your coffee. Leather or Canvas…it’s a stunner”

Jessica's Picks

HAY Foldable Crate

These foldable, stackable crates are great for storage. Available in a variety of different colors and sizes, they are not only super functional but look great in any closet or on the counter! 

Moccamaster KBGV Select

This is my favorite coffee maker, it's the perfect combination of form and function. The company began in the 1960’s and is manufactured in the Netherlands. The brewing process is simple, easy to clean, and looks great on any countertop. Available in a ton of awesome colors!

Akari Ceiling Lamp

I love this beautiful light over my dining table and the impact it makes when you walk in the room. The soft and beautiful light it gives off makes it perfect in any space. It's easy to install and under $1000. I love the oversize classic round size but it comes in so many shapes.

Turkish Beach Towels

Love these lightweight colorful pool and beach towels. They are large enough for anyone but thin enough to easily store in your closet. They come in so many great colors and easy to travel with. They get softer as you wash them and affordable enough to buy a bunch!

Menu Bottle Grinders

Love these salt and pepper grinders. They work great but also looks so stylish on the counter. Easy to clean in lots of color options for any kitchen.

Staub Cast Iron

Love these dutch pots and coquettes, especially as it gets colder and you want to start to make soups and stews. Comes in great colors (I love it in black matte) and easy to clean and store. The design is so good looking I display it on my stove all the time. 

Alisa's Picks

Mosser Glass Cake Stand

Did you pick up a new found love for baking during the pandemic like I did? Well, what better way to display all your baked goods, but in these adorable glass cake stands? Available in several fun colors, they make for the perfect kitchen display, even when not in use!

Epicurean x Frank Lloyd Wright Chef Series

I may never get to own a Frank Lloyd Wright home, but these utensils and cutting boards, inspired by the architect's famous designs may be the next best thing. (Ok, not even close, but they're still cool!) This set of serveware is the perfect gift for the architetcture lover who loves to entertain.

Mid-Century Modern Travel Guide

Coffee Table books are my love language. And this one gives me all the feels; combining two of my greatest passions- travel and Mid-Century architecture. If you're anything like me, then this is the must-have guide to the best destinations and hidden gems of Mid-Century modern architecture across the Western United States.

MADE by DWC Home Collection

Gift Giving with a Purpose! The Downtown Women's Center in DTLA is an incredible organization I've been fortunate volunteer with. From homemade candles, clothing, and stationary made by the residents, every purchase helps fund career training and mentorship programs that provide economic opportunities that change lives for these women.

Barefoot Dreams

I've been a long time fan of Barefoot Dreams- from their blankets to the robes, they're the perfect blend of cozy and stretchy to keep you comfy and toasty through the winter (when those temps actually drop under 70 in LA.) Oprah listed their hooded robe as one of her 2021 favorites- again, we're way ahead of you O!

Mochidoki Holiday Gift Box

They're so prretty you almost don't want to eat them! (But you will definitely want to eat them.) This mochi holiday gift set features 14 of the company's signature flavors and an ice cream serving board- making it the ultimate mochi tasting experience.

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