America's First Cannabis Cafe lands in WeHo

America's First Cannabis Cafe lands in WeHo

...And with that comes America's first cannabis restaurant: Lowell Cafe.

Located at 1201 N La Brea Avenue, Lowell Cafe offers a food with beer and wine (no liquor) menu in addition to a smoke, you know the type, menu. With each different menu, you get a different server! 

Currently, open from 10 AM to 10 PM (they are working on getting a license to stay open until 2 AM), customers 21+ can smoke their own marijuana (after paying a $20 "tokeage" fee) or buy or rent everything they need to enjoy the festivities. Future plans also include a breakfast menu to go along with an 8 AM opening time.

So if you see a long sidewalk line on La Brea and Lexington or a BULL farmer, you have found Lowell Cafe.

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