An AirBnB Expierence Like No Other

An AirBnB Expierence Like No Other

For a mere $30 a night to commerate the show's 30 year anniversary, guests will have the opportunity to stay in the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion hosted by the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. Guests will revel in the home's '90s decor and amenities as well as enjoy exclusive Airbnb experience perks, including donning a new pair of Air Jordans to shoot hoops in the bedroom, dining on literal silver platters (all meals are included), and playing the home's vinyl collection on a turntable like the one owned by show co-star DJ Jazzy Jeff. via Realtor®

But like every Hollywood story, nothing is as it seems. You may be surprised to learn that this mansion is actually in Brentwood, not Bel-Air! Starting Sept. 29, you will have the chance to book one of five October overnight stays in the Fresh Prince's wing of the mansion! Check out the full listing on AirBnB!

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