Los Angeles: City of Stop & Goes

Los Angeles: City of Stop & Goes

Honk! HOONNNKK! Sound familiar? It gets your attention, doesn’t it? Throw a rock in this town and you’ll be crisscrossing your livelihood between work, relationships, and yes… traffic. Oy vey. It’s that word. Traffic. I’m sitting at home and I’m still thinking about it. Traffic! Curses to the Heavens! Traaaaaffiiiiiiicccccc!!! Okay, okay, sip a frothy margarita on the rocks, with grapefruit salted rims-yes dynamite, and relax. But why?

The most daring and clever minds in the world want a home in Los Angeles. Fact. But think about that for a second. If you aren’t already considered the most intelligent, then you are at least ambitious enough to start the career climb. Or you live on a friends couch for 6 months before moving back to, (enter a name of city). So let's forget about the later and focus on us. And that is what more of us need to do on a daily basis. #Metime is important. If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we can’t take good care of others. But where? 

Which brings us to The Den Meditation. Meditation is the key word here because there is a popular bar on Sunset (we don’t say “Blvd” in LA) called “The Den” which is a great place too but a different type of release. They are located on Ventura and on La Brea and do a great job of relaxing your mind. Classes and workshops are fairly priced to begin with but they also offer cost-saving bundles. But when? 

So the next time you are busy and want to find a new way to relax your mind, sleep better, while finding a way to be even more productive, yes it’s very possible, stop and go to The Den Meditation.

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