The Wing: Women-inspired, Women-led, Women-funded

The Wing: Women-inspired, Women-led, Women-funded

The Wing is the newest hot spot in West Hollywood!

The location features 11,000 square feet of working space and amenities tastefully mixed with the Cali-Life. It's The Wing's seventh location, joining collaboration stations in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and most recently, Chicago.

The Wing is part of a wave of shared workspaces striving to resemble the posh social clubs of yore-spaces were people are coming not just to work and network, but also to feel like part of a community. 

The Wing aims to be more than just a coworking space as the offices are designed to empower women and foster community, as well as reflect the communities that surround them.

Membership runs $215 a month for just the Los Angeles location or $250 a month for all access. 

More info at The Wing.

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