What Is That Place on Laurel Canyon?

What Is That Place on Laurel Canyon?

"What is that place?" Is a common saying in Tinseltown. There is plenty to do in our beautifully expansive city with not enough time to do it all especially with restaurants and lounges turning over themes almost yearly. Just like advertising, we need to hear a recommendation a few different times before we actually look it up online, let alone go there! Shesh. 

And it's not even that we don't want to check out our BFF's latest Instagram story, it's that our schedules are booked out weeks in advance, on a good month! Breakfast is reserved for family time. Lunch meetings are meant to continue lifelong friendships. And dinners are used to prevent lateral moves when that next career opportunity arises. 

So how do we get our to-do list done quickly? go to places where we can knock out two birds with one Marc Maron podcast-see what I did there? At the corner of Laurel Canyon and Kirkwood, that's what this place is. 

Need a grocery store with a little bit of everything without having to go to Rock n' Roll Ralph's? Check. Maybe you need a quick pick-me-up skinny latte? Yes, please. But what about dry cleaning? Drop 'em off. Jim Morrison's outside shower? That's here too if you look very closely! And for last but not least...Pace!!! As in contrary to the opinion of. As in homemade organic Italian! Who knew this was a thing?! It's a great spot for anything to do with food and hopefully, it's not the first time you've heard of this hidden gem.

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